SOLD! 1930 1940 Set of 5 Scalloped Bakelite Black and Red Bangle Bracelets Five Total Rare

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1930 to 1940 set of 5 Bakelite black and red scalloped bangle bracelets Amazing, perfect, and rare!

Measurements are as follows:

RED Bangle:

Inside opening: Approx 8" around.

Outside circle: 10" around.

Bracelet is .50" wide and .25" thick

Black Bangles:

Inside opening: Approx 8" around

Outside circle: 10" around

Bracelets are : .25" wide and .25" thick

I am medium framed with fairly medium size hands and my wrist is measures at 6.75" around and I can get this bracelet on and off very easily.

Condition is excellent.

Because of the value of this piece it will ship Priority Mail with tracking and insurance.

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