SOLD! 1940's Black Embellished Suede Platform Heels with Ankle strap

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These fabulous all original shoes are AMAZING 1940's platforms! Goodness gracious we can't stop coveting these beauties! They are a rich black suede with original embellishments of pearled buttons on top, on the platform and on the heels as well as having steel studs of pink grey and blue. The shoe has a dainty ankle strap with diamond at the center back. The strap stretches with elastic. The shoe itself is black suede.

Condition: Excellent vintage condition! The shanks are sturdy, and the straps are in good pliable condition. There are no tears in shoe or the insole.

Label: Marilyn Shoes, 126 West 50th Street, New York

These shoes have barely been worn and would compliment any holiday dress!
 Measurements Inches
Size 6 1/2 M
Width 3.25"
Inner Sole Length 9.25" from toe to heel





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