SOLD! Bakelite 1940's WWll MacArthur Heart & Key Brooch

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Bakelite "MacArthur Heart" & Key Brooch. The brooch was featured on the cover of "Life" Magazine April 28, 1941 issue. During WWll women would donate their precious metal to the war effort and buy plastic jewelry as a sign of patriotism and hope that their men would return home safe.'The 'key to my heart' brooch, made out of Bakelite and the metal pin back is all original and in perfect working order.

Measurements are as follows:

Heart: 1.75" wide (at it's widest point) and 1.50" long

Key: 2.25" long

Brooch: Full length with chain from the top of the key to the point of the heart is a little over 2.50" long

Condition is excellent..

Because of the value of this piece it will ship Priority Mail with tracking and insurance.

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